Textile trading company (China)

Shanghai corporate site

Strengthen domestic sales and global business

We have created a website and built a browsing environment in China for companies that plan, manufacture, and sell apparel products based in Shanghai, China.


Alibaba CloudChina server / domain construction
・ICP application, public security procedure
・Bilateral websites in Chinese and English (including translations)
・Supports SSL, various security, backup
・SEO、Baidu AnalyticsGoogle analyticsImplementation

*Basic knowledge of websites for China What is the difference from Japan?

When creating a homepage, you must first share the WEB situation in China.
Especially in China, there is censorship of the Internet by the government, and it is in a completely different Internet environment from other countries, so
You cannot use SNS such as line, including restrictions on viewing google, youtube, and facebook.

If you build your own site via a server in Japan or overseas, there is a risk that you will not be able to see the page depending on the access status.
Therefore, it can be solved by operating a Chinese server, but major services are expensive and the procedure is complicated.

With a local network of over 20 years, Foliby can launch its own site smoothly and at a reasonable price.
We will continue to analyze data and support global business expansion.