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Chinese server, multilingual WEB production
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With abundant connections in overseas business
In China and East Asia
Support global strategy

Homepage and online shop production to marketing
Comprehensive web business operation and management


Strong in China network, stress-free by leaving the environment construction


A set of low-cost, high-quality translations for inbound and outbound


Build a highly sensitive and fashionable site with total coordination

What can we do?

Let us handle everything from creating a multilingual homepage, building an EC site, and marketing, including in China!
You can also ask for translations at once, so it\'s easy. We will support your overseas expansion.


China WEB support / translation

We provide basic information such as the Internet situation in China, and one-stop service such as \"ICP application agency\", \"China server rental\", \"translation\", \"operation support\", and \"price\"!


Homepage / EC shop production

We will create a fashionable and easy-to-read multilingual homepage / EC site. Of course, it is compatible with smartphones. We can handle many designs from restaurants to companies. Please leave the operation support of net order with abundant retail knowledge.


WEB marketing / video production

We would like to digitize our own site, carry out strategic SNS promotion, and distribute original videos. If possible, I would like to throw the update as a whole. Please contact us for anything!


I want to make a homepage! I want to start an EC site!
If you wish, we will create high-quality websites in Japan and overseas in a straightforward manner.
Remote production is possible from a remote location. It is a low-cost, high-quality and reliable service.

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    [Under production] Corporate website